Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Weigh In Wednesday

Am very pleased to say that I lost another 1kg this week, so thats 2kg so far and only 6.4 to go - 55 here I come!

But, on a sad note, I called my mum, who is also doing 12wbt, and she had to take her lab puppy to the vets yesterday as she ate some mouse bait, and they are waiting to hear if she made it through the night, so that deflated my sails pretty quick. Mum did lose 1.1kg though.

So, c'mon Lulu, here's hoping you can pull through this xx

Update 11:40am
Mum just text to say that Lulu is OK. I really didn't want to open the message, with how tried and emotional I've been lately, if it had been bad news I think I would have lost it.

She is one very string little puppy. She'll be wrapped in cotton wool for the next few weeks - not spoilt, but due to drugs given she could cause more issues if she knocks herself.

Poor mum and dad have been worried sick and feeling awful as any mousebait they put out is always in containers and out of reach of dogs - but she managed to sniff some out, must be that lab nose!

Catch ya, it is a great day today!

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