Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This weeks training

Training for this week - with only 19 weeks till Melbourne Marathon - is:

Tuesday - 50min run, comfortable

  • DONE, did a level 8 hill program @ 10km/hour, as I live where it's flat, I think I need to do some hills on the treddy as they just kill me.
Wednesday - 50min run, comfortable
  • DONE 02.06.10 - and there was nothing comfortable about it.
  • I didn't want to do it, so had a stern talk with myself and put it out on Twitter that I would be doing my run.
  • Got on the treddy and still didn't want to do it, legs tired form yesterday, so had to talk myself through 10min lots.
  • In the end I did my 50min run at about 10-11km/hour with a 1% incline, don't know how far I ran as I bumped the stop button - I think my body joined my mind in makin excuses. I only had 5mins to go and a there was a quick flash go through my mind that sounded something like 'ah its only 5 mins, don't worry about it'. Like I said, just a flash, it was gone and I did the last 5mins!

Thursday - rest day, might do some weights (legs?)

  • Am having a complete rest day today, not doing weights, have jobs to do at home. Will plan my week better next week to start including 2 x weights sessions per week.

Friday - sprints 6x2min with 1min standing recovery, then do arms

Saturday - 50min run, comfortable

Sunday - 2hr run (oh no not again)

Now its out in cyberspace I have to do it, don't I????

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