Tuesday, June 8, 2010

18 weeks til Melbourne Marathon - training

I've had a bit of a rethink about my training. I have polocrosse for the next 5 weekends then 1 off then another 2 in a row, so I don't have time to do my long run on Sunday.

I had a bit of a melt down yesterday and thought 'why bother if I can't do my long run'. This attitude does not cut it with me anymore, there will be no more of 'all or nothing'.

Last night after dinner and a bit of me time, I pulled out some other training programs and my diary and penciled in another plan.

So what if for the next 5 weeks I wont get in a long run on Sundays, I will need to work harder through the week and be prepared to do all my long runs after the polocrosse season is over.

This weeks plan:
  • Tuesday - 6 x 1min sprints with 45sec standing recovery and weights (lower body)
  • DONE - Instead of the sprints listed, I did Mish's treddy intervals at FITNESS FREAKS level. Admittely, I did have to drop the speed back to 10km for the last 2 minutes of the hill section, but I did it and I did 2 rounds of it (almost killed me, don't tell Mish!). Then I did my legs and really pushed myself with the weights. So am now buggered and not far out of bed.
  • Wednesday - 1hr run
  • DONE - well I did 30mins outside in the dark and cold (JFDI). It's been ages since I've run outside, and I forgot how much harder it was. And it didn't help that I caned my legs with sprints and weights yesterday. Ah well, all part of the learning curve and might need to adjust my training program to suit.
  • Thursday - 6 x 2min sprints with 1min standing recovery and weights (upper body)
  • Friday - 60min run
  • Saturday & Sunday - at polocrosse, but if I get back early enough I would like to do a 1-1.5hr run
Here's cheers to a new training week!

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