Thursday, June 24, 2010

My dream

Just a quick one this morning.

Had a dream last night - by the way, I have the weirdest dreams, but this one was great.

I was at the Round 2 12wbt party and everyone I've been tweeting with, facebook friends with and chatted with on the forums was there.

It was great.

Even my other half came with me (but it wasn't him, he looked more like Brad Pitt in his early days, think Thelma & Louise).

I don't know why it was so good, it just was. Everyone was as I imagined them, dressed up in our frocks, we were all beautiful. And so friendly, like we'd known each other forever.

I can't wait till the round 2 party, I will not be missing it for the world! Now, I just have to find the dress I was wearing in my dream.........

On another note, I caved last night. I had the chicken noodle soup for dinner, then about an hour later a peanut butter and jam sandwhich WTF (it doesn't count if it's on healthy Burgen bread, does it?)! I was bored, not hungry. Not happy with myself at all. No use beating myself up, so have come up with a few contingency plans for boredom eating:
  • get on the 12wbt forums
  • hem those work pants you've had sitting on the lounge for like a month
  • what about the ironing
  • why not just go to bed
  • have a herbal tea
  • read your book
I have a stong mind and body, I can do this. I will not let boredom eating stand in the way of my goal this time round.

Have a great day peeps! I will not cave today

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