Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dreaded Weigh In Wednesday

Wednesday is weigh in day, and I hate it, I even tried to make myself forget so I wouldn't have to weigh in - and I don't know why when this time round I know I've stuck to the plan.

Deep breath, step on, scales say 1kg gone, so step off, step on again, yep 1kg gone! Gone since Sunday.

My success can only be put down to keeping my eating on track, no compromises what so ever. I now agree with Mish (why did I doubt her) when she said weight loss is 80% food.

Today I've fought another battle and won. In the past I've used WI day as an excuse to stray from the plan as you have all week to make up for it. After lunch I was craving Mint Slice Pods (my idea of heaven), I even got my wallet out ready to go to the shop. SNAP! Wallet went back in my bag, and I made myself a 1/2 strength Jarrah Hot Choc. This curbed my craving and now I'm OK.

I don't need Pod's to survive. And I'll be much happier when I get into bed tonight and know honestly that I stuck to my plan.

So here's cheers to a good week ahead.

Exercise wise, went to the gym last night for a weights sesh. Back was OK, but not flash, so kept lower body light and tried to smash out upper body. The main things was that I felt sane again, I was slowly going crazy not exercising. Am going to try a walk/jog tonight around our house yard.

This 12wbt journey is very challenging. From the workouts to getting your mindset right, it's not easy, but the results will be worth it.

The thing that makes it bearable is that there are others going through the same thing as me. And although I've never met them/you, I see their/your tweets, facebook updates and posts on the forums and know I'm not alone. I see their/your struggles and realise I can do this. I see their/your success and aspire to be like them/you.

Big shout out to you all, I could not do this without you.

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